Viva Cuba!

Viva Cuba

Ever since word got out that the sanctions against travel to Cuba had been lifted, and that opportunities for US travelers to visit Cuba became less cumbersome, I have had my heart set on seeing this place for myself. The rumor of how this culture is frozen in time since Castro regime took over was an uncertain feeling for me. Initially, I was very excited at the thought of going, but as the day got closer, I could feel my resolve weakening, and I had doubts about the trip. However, I left my fear at the border and crossed into the uncharted region that is now available for rogue travelers like myself to explore.

Cuba for many is not a country available for business or networking opportunities. Since the government has limitations with the U.S., online connections are difficult to attain but for those who can connect it is a humbling privilege. The experience of being there has changed my view of the world and how people in other countries live. And how they are able to make the most of what they have. The Cuban people love their country, and most of all they love their culture. A culture I only knew from television and online articles, but my visit gave me a firsthand experience of how much they are aware of who they are.

The people are diverse with many of them migrating from other countries, but the African Cuban culture is strongly present. I found it so interesting to see people with features so similar to those from African countries speaking the Latin language. A language that is perceived to be associated to the more European complexions and ethnicities. Their hair textures are also no different from my texture. Some people, including myself, think Latin speaking countries have hair textures on the straight side, but that is far from the reality in Cuba.

My visit to Cuba has broadened my mindset on the diversity of African culture and given me an appreciation of my African ancestry. I now have a deeper connection to this island & myself.





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