“The Root” Docuseries restores Black women’s confidence in their natural hair

Remember Chris Rock’s 2009 documentary Good Hair? The  revolutionary documentary looked at the evolution of Black hair, at a time when the natural hair movement just started booming. Years later, a new docu-series has emerged, providing original natural hair content for all naturalistas.

We love the fact that the series not only features beautiful, confident and sassy naturalistas we can identify with. But that we’re also getting unique, positive insights on what the natural hair journey entails and means to women! It’s this unique, honest and unabashed perspective that ultimately shines the spotlight on the realities of being natural, with all the stereotypes, challenges, and victories associated with it.

Whether you’re just starting your natural journey, thinking about transitioning, or enjoying rocking your fro, you may want to check out “The Root”. It will make you think differently about the power of your hair choices, and how it can change your life….

Here’s to cherishing your roots!


Naturally Yours,



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