Make Going Global a Breeze with these 8 Hacks

Traveling abroad and keeping your hair looking fabulous doesn’t have to be bothersome. These top 7 hacks will have you traveling with natural hair like a pro, and slayin’ some awesome styles.

Proper Packing

– Before you sail around the World, make sure you have the right natural hair plan in place before you take off. Check out these tips for prepping your natural curl magic here.

– When traveling abroad there is no need to pack like a princess. Here is a quick list of items that won’t take up a lot of room in your bag.

– One item we have to stress, especially for traveling abroad, are the benefits of multi-use products. By using a butter that works as a skin conditioner, or a soufflé that controls frizz such as Eden Bodywork Coconut Shea Pudding Soufflé, you pack less so that you can do more.

Go Global Hairstyling

– All curly girls know that having dependable accessories is half the battle of creating the right hairstyle. Here is a list of essential hair accessories that can rescue from any hair disasters that could occur.

– We’ve compiled some of our fave fly and fresh natural hairstyles for you to try here, as well as the videos showing you exactly how to achieve those looks.

– Planning to visit any festivals while you are away? We also have list of festival ready hairstyles for you to give a try.

Weather Prepping

– Do you have plans of exploring various beachfront locations this summer? Here are a few tips on how to protect your summer beach hair from knots.

– Your go global plans have you going somewhere a little cooler? Don’t worry. CurlKit is here with 6 ways to strength and prevent hair loss in the cold.

– As a naturalista you know that keeping you hair flawless when the weather goes haywire is a challenge. We’ve pin down three hacks to manage your natural hair in virtually any weather.

What other hacks do you recommend to naturalistas preparing to go global?


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