Natural Summer Signature Hair Style: Loose Twists

It’s June! Summer is officially here, and it’s time to rock your tresses. Don’t have a signature summer style yet? Well we have few options in mind, starting with summer style perfect for the things you have planned this summer, Loose Twist.

Loose twists can be worn down, too, when the mood calls for it, and are great for getting lovely textured looks that can last weeks – especially on type 4 hair. They are also a protective style in themselves and are a nice alternative to wearing your hair totally out. So for all those summer parties and events, beaches and street festivals where you wanted to wear your hair loose, try loose twists to get the look without the damage. And they are adaptable to all hair lengths!


Worried about straggly ends on your twists? As far as outcome, straggly ends can be a problem with twists if you need a trim. So they don’t work too great on transitioning hair, unless you’re tucking in the ends. If you’re wearing your loose twists down, they are always going to look best after your ends have been trimmed.


How to loose twist?

Choose the right size twist based on the length of your hair and the amount of volume you desire. Experiment with different sizes until you get the look you want. Always start with dry, stretched hair. To install, twist loosely, but hold the two sections of hair far apart while twisting, so that the entire length of hair is twisted and you don’t end up just twisting the ends of your hair.


Of course, technique isn’t everything. If you want your tresses to really pop, you’ll also need to use the right curl definer, one that tames frizz and helps keep your hair from tangling and knotting as the days (or weeks) pass. You’ll also need a good conditioner, one that will keep your hair hydrated while you have the loose twists installed, but won’t weigh your hair down.


LottaBody 5-n-1 Leave-In Treatment is a good choice here. This treatment comes in a spray bottle, which helps you avoid over manipulation when applying so you can keep your definition intact. It provides a beautiful shine while giving it a soft hold and preventing tangling. It also provides protection from heat (loose twists curl beautifully). Moreover, you can apply it on damp hair before stretching, or on dry hair before styling and as a curl refresher.


Find yours in #JuneCurlKit, and rock your loose twists this summer!


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