Natural Hair Makes a Proud Statement at Miss Universe Pageant

It was a proud moment for Jamaicans and women of color when Ms. Jamaica, Davina Bennett, boldly made a statement with her natural hair.  Ignoring the stigma and making that brave choice to not be predictable, she wore a perfectly shaped, evenly picked afro in the 2017  Miss Universe Pageant and made it, as the 2nd runner-up.

In her Instagram post following the competition, Davina  wrote “I did not win but I got what I was seeking…I stand as the first afro queen to have made it thus far, I represented my little island…”


Davina rocked her natural hair with grace and pride.  Such a bold move from a beauty queen for stepping out of the box and choosing not to go with the usual straight, sleek do and she looked just as elegant as the other contestants.  It was a cause for celebration for recognizing that natural hair is welcomed on an international stage and for breaking beauty standards which earned her an outpouring of support on social media.

In an interview with the Jamaica Observer in September, Davina was asked which beauty stereotype still needs to be challenged in 2017.  She replied:

“Size. We should allow our women to believe that they are beautiful and can fit in regardless of size. Another one is short, natural hair which I feel should be embraced more, and not ignored”

It would be of no surprise if we see other future pageant queens following Davina’s hairstyle choice.

CurlKit, being a Jamaican-born brand and an advocate of the natural hair movement, is proud and grateful to you, Davina, for representing us on stage.  You have created a whole new level of confidence for young brown girls and women around the world.  #FirstAfroQueen


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