Meet our Naturalisto of the Week: NBA superstar Steph Curry

In honor of Father’s Day, we’re highlighting some men who are rockin’ their natural hair. Because it’s not just about naturalistas, we’re also sharing the love with our natural guys.

Today’s natural guy is NBA player Stephen Curry. The Golden State Warriors superstar is not just renowned for his impressive basketball skills. He’s also very well-known for his temple fader taper hairstyle, which accents his youthful face and gives him quite the unique look. His signature hairstyle has been copied many times over by fans worldwide, especially the ones with younger faces like his.

After being selected as NBA’s MVP a while ago, Curry is certainly talented. However, even more than raw talent, it’s his own “creative style” of basketball that keeps on capturing fans everywhere. He’s not your usual 6 feet something NBA guy; instead, he capitalizes on his approachable style and familiar demeanor.

Off the court, Curry keeps his fans interested by being a faithful believer, a doting father to his daughters, and a strong advocate of being who you are regardless of the circumstances. Fans everywhere also recall his oh-so-adorable press conference with then 2-yearl old daughter Riley, who stole both hearts and media attention everywhere!

So yes, we love pretty much everything about Steph Curry! Oh, and that crazy swagger too!

Keep up the good work, Steph Curry!


Naturally Yours,


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