Meet our Naturalisto of the Week: Model Benny Harlem

Meet our Naturalisto of the Week: Model Benny Harlem
If you’re looking for the epitome of black masculinity and natural hair, think no further than Benny Harlem….When it comes to iconic natural hair, the New York native and LA-bred model has it all…Plus an absolutely adorable 6-year old daughter, Jaxyn, who shares the beauty of his incredible hair and gorgeous genes…

With his original outfits and his style a la Prince, Benny Harlem embodies the beauty of being a Black man in America today. Not to mention the secrets of natural hair that knows no limits…According to him, it all started as a hobby on Instagram by posting pictures of his daughter and him, until the Internet buzz started building up so much that it led him and his family to international fame.

I remember seeing his pictures for the first time, being in absolute awe of his mane. And maybe a tad bit jealous…According to him, the secret of his hair success is caring for his curls with natural products that him and his family actually hand-make with ingredients such as coconuts, berries, castor oil, and other natural components. Yet the biggest secret of it all is having a positive self-image and mindset.

The most endearing aspect of his career though, even more than his hair, is his exemplary relationship with his daughter. It’s so powerful to see a Black man on a prominent public platform nurturing such a positive relationship with his young daughter of color. These are images that challenge public conceptions of what a Black man and a Black man’s family are supposed to look like.

For young girls and women of color in general, Benny Harlem also sends a strong message of hope and encouragement. It reminds us, as both men and women in general, to stand firm in who we naturally are and what we stand for.

Overall, Benny Harlem is a strong inspiration and example of what it means to stand out naturally as Black men and women. We need more role models like him to reassure us and comfort us in the truth that we are complete, beautiful and powerful as who we naturally are.


Now your turn: How has Benny Harlem inspired you to stand in who you naturally are?


Naturally Yours,


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