Fresh and Fly Natural Hairstyles to Try this Summer

Summer’s here, and as the temperatures rise, so does the level of fleek for your curls! Seriously, there’s nothing like the sun shining and everyone being out and about enjoying the good weather, to motivate you to let your curls loose. Because who doesn’t want to show off fresh and fly natural hairstyles this summer?

That’s why we’ve compiled some of our fave fly and fresh natural hairstyles for you to try this summer! Check out these videos below showing you EXACTLY how to actually achieve these styles:


Sport Bomb Natural Hair Clip-ins!

This video courtesy of naturalista vlogger HERGIVENHAIR teaches you all about adding in natural hair clip-ins for protective styles that slay! Who said you can’t sport protective styles while slaying all day, every day?


Rock Your Summer Bun!

Buns are always in style, but even more in the summer when you can combine style and comfort in one hairstyle! It’s as easy as using $1 braiding hair, giving yourself a few minutes and coming out with the mother of all buns! Check out MsHair’s today’s turorial in the video below!


Keep it fly and straight!

Summer also rhymes with wedding and special occasion season! In this video, YoursNaturally11 is walking you through the steps to create three (3) easy updo hairstyles on straightened natural hair. The result? Fly, fresh hair that will turn heads everywhere you go! Slay girl!


Got Bantu Knot-out?

Want defined curls for the summer? Try this mini bantu knot-out from vlogger HonestlyErica, as shown in the video below. It’s an easy way to style your natural curls for low-maintenance, high-impact hair. Plus you end up with curls so well-defined you may just have to stare at yourself all day…Say what?

 Flat twist-out on Fleek!

 Who said old favorites are not coming back in season this summer? Case in point: this fab flat twist-out style demonstrated by Michelle B. In the below video, she walks us through the steps to achieve the best flat twist-out on your curls this summer.


Define Them Curls!

Want super defined curls this summer? Well, learn how to achieve this fly flexirod set, courtesy of vlogger Brandi Lofton. It’s all about definition and coming out with defined curls you can rock all summer long!


Slay with a wavy bob!

Got some wig action? If you’d rather do the weave thang, then get ready to slay with this wavy bob style that can be done on all hair types! Check out tastePINK’s tutorial and great tips for beginners in this video!


Now your turn: Which one of these hairstyles is your fave to rock this summer?


Naturally Yours,



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