Meet Isaac West

1. What inspired your creative direction for your photo project “One”?

My inspiration came from analyzing the disunity that exists among us as black people; moreover, it is one of the biggest problems that we face today. For example, I usually see and hear most black people saying, “Light Skin Vs Dark Skin, Brown Skin Vs Light Skin, Dark Skin Vs Brown Skin, and etc… Being aware of this division which stems from slavery and the Willie lynch letter. As a Creative Director, I wanted to bring black women of all shades in one space and photographed them. I named the project “ONE” because as black people, we are the only race that comes in different shades; moreover, others tend to use our uniqueness against us. Therefore, the project “ONE” is simply saying, despite the fact that we come in all shades, we are still one family and belong to the black race.


2. What does diversity in beauty mean to you?

Diversity in beauty means a lot to me because it brings unity; moreover, it exhibits the different features of us as humans.


3. We have noticed from your work that you tend to feature women of varied ethnicities and body types. What drives you to feature such a variety of women?

I feature women of varied ethnicities and body types because I want women (especially Black women) to embrace and love who they are, and not fall victim to society standard of beauty.


Original image used for our August CurlLife Magazine Cover


4. We have also noticed that you do feature women of various hair textures as well. Why do you believe that is important to feature this in your work?

I am more of a naturalist, which means I love women who embrace their natural state; therefore, I am dedicated to showcasing different hair texture of women, especially black women.


5. What is next for your brand?

Keep creating and empowering black women.


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CurlKit owner founder, blogger+ business mentor + mompreneur.


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