Behind The Brand – Meet Lolaster

01. How long have you been in business, and what inspired you to take the direction you did with your brand?

I started my business almost 2 years ago on Etsy. My inspiration comes from the Ankara Fabric Print itself and women lifestyle as a whole. I wanted to share my culture with a modern twist, and make women around the world feel bold and beautiful in vibrant and eccentric African designs. 


02. What is your definition of what it means to be a Trend Setter?

Trend is a style set by someone and I believe we’re all trend setters in one way or the other. It is said that a beautiful woman is one who is confident in the way she looks and feels.  Understanding what makes you feel comfortable is the key. I believe confident comes truly when you love what you wear, wearing the clothes that provides comfort and fit your curves without limitations. Don’t ignore the popular trend out there, but pick the little pieces and ideas that you can translate into something you can call your own.



03. We notice that you feature a lot of models with natural or protective hairstyles. Why is it important for you to showcase women with various hair textures wearing your clothing?

My brand represents version of all types of women at any different time. We are all unique, so is our hair. Our hair without apology represents our beautiful personality, culture and heritage. Personally, my hair says I am free to be whoever I want to be, and is literally an extension of my versatility. No matter what style we wear, we will wear it with confidence. Our hair is so powerful, so are we, and that’s what my brand is all about. 

04. What is next for your brand?

My goal is to design affordable clothes for women and pieces that can be worn with things they’ve already have in their closet. Women should be able to feel sexy, classy, edgy and cool without breaking the bank. I will be introducing statement Pants, Top and jacket this Fall.


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