You wouldn’t buy a car without trying it first.

Shouldn’t curl products be the same?


CurlKit is your hair care test drive.

How many paychecks have gone to curl products you didn’t like? Trust me, I’ve been there, and it can be a nightmare…not knowing which brands work, which don’t and which one’s leave you a hot mess.

But not anymore.

CurlKit is your hair care test drive that delivers fresh, organic product samples right to your door every month for practically nothing. No more wasted gas, no more confusion, just a simple kit, loaded with samples, wrapped in a cute box, delivered in a flash.

Take the guesswork out of natural, organic curls when you join CurlKit today.

What do I get?

Oh my! You don’t know?
You’re in for a treat.

CurlKit is the single best way to try before you buy. Here’s what you get:

  • • A box full of samples of your favorite curly hair care brands
  • • Mini & full-size products often worth 3 times your subscription
  • • Free monthly issues of our fabulous CurlLife mini-mag
  • • A way to test drive lots of product often & save money
  • • Celebrity product freebies, fashion tips, and interviews
  • • A simple, affordable subscription so you’re always up to date
  • • Beautiful, full-bodied curls for just the right style
  • • Subscriber ONLY discounts, giveaways & more!

Ready to simplify life?  Join now before you miss the next kit!


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