4 Ways of Saying Goodbye to Hair Loss

A woman’s worst fear is probably the loss of her hair, and this is not an exclusive fear for ladies, men too have the fear of getting bald.

If you are losing your hair in bulk on a rapid pace, this can really be a problem. There are 4 proven ways of minimizing or bringing hair loss to a halt.

01. Avoid Hairstyles that Pull Your Hairline

It is ok to tie up your hair into pony tails and braids, but these ponytails and braids can cause hair loss because there is a constant stress and pull that affects the hairline. If you ever feel the need to tie up a pony then use an elastic band for that so that it can easily come off without putting any stress on your hairline or hair.

02. Stay Off Chemical Processes

If you get your hair chemically straightened out, there are high chances you will start losing hair because these treatments cause weakening of the hair and you may start getting bald. This is especially so if you already are suffering from weakening or thinning hair problem.

03. Use Hair Oils

There are lots of people out there who have never used any hair oils on their hair even once. This is THE worst thing anyone can do to their hair, for just as the body needs proper vitamins and nutrients so does the scalp hair need oil to thrive. Do yourself some good and get good organic hair oil for your hair.

04. Eat Healthy Nutritious Foods

The food you consume will affect your body, and this includes your hair. So, try consuming more vegetables and greens. The more junk you eat, the less nutrition you are providing for your hair and the more likely it is to break or fall of.

Heatheranne Cummings

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