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  Top 4 Dread Myths

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1. You must retwist

One of the many cool things about dreads is that you can rep them however you like. There are no set rules.

If you want your dreads neatly parted and every hair in place, cool. Or if you want to rock the bush like yours truly, that works, too.

Don’t let anyone tell you you must maintain your hair a certain way. A dread is a dread is a dread.


Indian sadhu

Photo courtesy Atheist Nexus 

2. You must be black/Rasta

Contrary to popular belief, black people can’t claim invention of dreads. Actually, no one truly knows who rocked the first set.

The Rasta movement began in the 30s, but different races and ethnicities have been dreading for many, many moons. For example, Indian sadhus were wearing dreads in pre-Christian times.


That’s like a gazillion years ago.

All hair can dread. Kinky, wavy, straight, and everything in between. Dreads are for everyone. Feel the love.




Photo courtesy Luuux

3. You must use certain products

Don’t fall for the okey-doke. You can use any product–or none at all–on your dreads.

Just because something is expensive, is endorsed by a celebrity, or has the colors of the African flag on the label doesn’t mean it’s necessarily for you.

Bandwagons are for parades. Learn your hair and what works for you.


salon sink

Photo courtesy uccrow

4. You can’t wash your hair in the beginning 

If I had a nickel for every time I’ve heard this, I would have…well, a whole lot of nickels.

I don’t care what your cousin/best friend/stylist says. If they’re encouraging you not to wash your hair, run.

Your scalp is skin just like the rest of your body. Would you go weeks without washing your face? Or under your arms?

Your scalp houses bacteria, sweat, toxins, and hair products. Letting that fester can lead to all kinds of drama, notably clogged pores and funk.

Wash your hair, people. The public will thank you for it.

 More tips to help you: 4 Naturals ™ Spring Back™ Curling Custard

Did I miss anything? What dread myths have you heard?


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